From an investor perspective, Ocean West has the vision and deep market knowledge to create long-term wealth by identifying and executing strategic investments in office and multifamily real estate assets. The company believes that excellent investments require outstanding oversight and management, thorough due diligence, an intelligent capital structure and constant monitoring. Ocean West understands the importance of complete transparency, regular communication with investors, honesty and ethical dealings above all else.

Debt or Equity

Ocean West’s investments may be either debt or equity, as long as the investment is secured by either office or multifamily assets. Because it has the expertise to evaluate both debt and equity, Ocean West believes that the quality of the asset and market is most important when evaluating an opportunity.

Value Added Returns

Ocean West will target investments ranging is size from $10-100 million where mid-teens and higher returns can be achieved. The firm will focus on acquiring assets at a significant discount to replacement cost where we can bring our expertise in leasing, property management and construction management to create value.

Office or Multifamily

Ocean West will focus on Office and Multifamily secured transactions. We believe that these property types exhibit strong demographics going forward. In addition, our principals have had significant experience with these assets types.

Mid-Range Leverage

Ocean West will target 65% loan to value leverage on most transactions. We believe this amount of debt will provide a safe “cushion” to protect our investments in down markets, while still providing strong levered returns.

Portfolio Transactions

In addition to one-off purchases, Ocean West will purchase pools of loans or properties either along or in partnership with larger institutions. When acquiring a portfolio, Ocean West may execute a variety of strategies depending on individual assets, including providing Debtor-In-Possession financing, disposition of non-strategic assets, executing loan modifications with borrowers, and acquiring title through foreclosure.

Equity Contribution

Ocean West’s principals are committed to providing meaningful equity to each transaction. Having “skin in the game” aligns interest with investors and shows confidence in our investment choices.

Disciplined Exit Strategy

We believe that it is important to continually monitor investments and seek accretive exit opportunities. Markets move quickly and thus Ocean West will not look to time market peaks to harvest profits.